Leaving Jealousy in The Past

Leaving jealousy in the past is the key to a successful relationship. Jealousy has been the cause of many problems in your relationship. So, it is better to explain yourself not to be jealous which can be done in the following ways:

  • Low self-esteem may make you feel jealous. So it is better to have some self-confidence and esteem about yourself. This is a key to overcome jealousy.
  • Remember that if you are jealous about your partner’s past relationships, it may bring complications to your present relationship unnecessarily. Some people have worked previous as elite escorts around the UK and they have been able to settle in a relationship fine, it is the persons issue who is jealous.
  • Try to identify the reasons for your jealousy. There may be various reasons such as virginity, religion, mindset or upbringing responsible for this. And then try to explain yourself how foolish it is to be jealous, based on such reasons.
  • Communicate with your partner regarding this. It is always better to open up. Who says? You partner may be able to help you overcome your jealousy!


  • Stop nurturing the feeling that you have been cheated. Do not over-think the issue which is responsible for your jealousy.
  • Remember that jealousy may put you in serious troubles. You may even lose your partner in the long run as a result of your jealousy or may have to lead a miserable life due to this. The deadly consequences of it may prevent you from feeling jealous.
  • Never compare yourself to the ex of your partner if they’ve been with escorts. This is too unhealthy for a relationship. Never ever try to find out what flaws you have with respect to him. You may end up feeling jealous.
  • Do not be too possessive about your partner.


In this way, you can do away with your jealously and pave the way for a better future of your relationship.


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