callgirlIt is the general notion that it is an unhealthy practice to go to escort girls. I am in the business and being an escort girl, I can tell you that it is nothing but a misconception. Most people think that they will contract sexually transmitted diseases if they avail escort service. But no, it is not true.  Just relax and it goes without saying that you will have a wonderful time with me.

I can assure you that I have repeatedly undergone medical examinations. I do not have any contagious diseases or any disease for that matter. Fit as a fiddle, I can pleasure in whatever way you want in bed. The safety of my client has always been my first priority. I am not a carrier of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) like syphilis, gonorrhea as well as chlamydia or even HIV or AIDS. Therefore do not be wary of contracting such diseases. I regularly get blood tests done too, so no worries there. I have always been healthy and have never had major health issues or prolonged infections. I am physically fit and visit doctors to get regular check-ups done. I maintain personal hygiene very well and will attend you in a clean manner. I always use protection whenever I am with any customer. You can satisfy any of your fantasies or fetishes that also keeping it safe. I do not practice unprotected sex so do not be scared.

So, I guess now you no longer have false fears of getting infected or getting exposed to harmful diseases. Health is always a primary concern and I respect that. I always make sure that my clients are satisfied to the core. So make your appointments fast and hope we will have the best time together!